Thoughts on Snapchat…

Snapchat is an interesting form of social media. Unlike most social media platforms, it is more intimate in the fact that for the most part you interact with individual people and not the group as a whole. Although, stories still exist, which mirror the style of social media of Instagram and Facebook. By this, I mean that these modes of social media spew information to a group and not to an individual first.

One interesting feature of Snapchat is streaks. This occurs when you and whoever you are interacting with snap each other back each day for multiple days in a row. As this exchange continues, the streak “grows”. Basically, it’s just a count of how many days you have continued this interaction. Why I find this so fascinating is that it is possibly the sole reason that Snapchat stays relevant. Many people feel this compulsion to continue these streaks, which are really just arbitrary. What this feature and weird psychological need do is force people to use the app. Ultimately, it keeps Snapchat on peoples’ minds.

The reason I think this is relevant to a blog about economic inequality is the fact that this is probably an effect of the American economic style. Our mixed economy allows for government control and freedom for entrepreneurs. This freedom leads to amazing inventions, innovations, and fun new apps for us to enjoy. However, anyone can be an entrepreneur, which means the market gets flooded with new products and many similar products. The goal becomes that a product must be unique and the first on the market. That’s how Facebook became relevant. That’s how Instagram proved its worth. And that’s how Snapchat has stayed on the radar: it’s unique and it was the first of its kind. In conclusion, the American economy is designed to force entrepreneurs to be better, but it also preys on weaknesses of the human psyche.