Inequality Class 8/31

In class on Friday, we did a video conference with Naomi De La Tour to talk about economic inequality. We mostly covered our educational experiences and what was our most important learning experience. Not surprisingly, most of us did not have rave reviews for the American education system. in my experience, our education system has valued our scores over us actually learning. Throughout high school, my math teachers would have us tutor lower math classes. The most startling thing about this experience was that they had no idea how to do math off of a calculator; we always had to do math without the calculator. This ended up creating a communication issue because I could not help the other student without the teacher’s help. Being able to discuss this with people who had gone to different schools, yet had had similar experiences was incredible. It really brought to life the fact that our education system is suffering. No one is learning; we had become cogs in the machine.

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    1. I don’t think it assesses learning by the former because of the huge gap in time between when the students learned the topic and when they are asked to tutor. Usually, there was at least a year gap between when I learned a topic and when I tutored for it, so, by the time I was tutoring, I had forgotten some of the minor topics that were necessary for exams. For example, I could not remember what a box-and-whisker graph was when I tutored for Algebra 1 last year as a BC Calculus student. Based on where I was in my schooling, I was clearly smart/educated enough to know it, but it had been too long since I had had to practice the skill.

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